Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Noise: Part Four

I have two bookshelves. Both are so overstuffed, I've taken to
storing books in the kitchen and in the hallway. This shot includ-
es reference books (A Biographical Dictionary of Film, Film Noir
Reader, Placing Movies
), books I haven't started (I Put a Spell
on You, King Suckerman
, Union Dues), and book I haven't fin-
ished (The Collected Stories of John Cheever, Sirk on Sirk).

This shot includes books I've read (Cruel Shoes, Gone with the
Wind, How the Irish Became White
, In the Cut, Monty, Neon
Angel: The Cherie Currie Story
, Mystery Train, Please Kill
, The Ice Storm, and White Noise). Plus, an assort-
ment of nail polish and fragrances. I don't keep every
book I read, so these are all titles that made some
sort of an impression. Those that don't, go away
(I sell or pass them on). The spine is hard
to read, but the oldest is by A. A. Mil-
ne: The House at Pooh Corner.

Click here for Part Three: The
Complete Book Club List

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Endnote: Images courtesy
Kodak one-time use camera.

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