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It isn't hard to identify the artists this Phoenix five-piece
enjoys the most. I hear echoes of Harry Nilsson and 10CC
on some selections, Air, Grizzly Bear, and Devendra Ban-
hart on others. Of course, it could always be coinciden-
tal; they may simply share similar musical influences.

I find the combination of styles appealing, the multi-layered
harmonies, the atmospheric organ work, and the T. Rex-like
rhythms. On the whole, their second disc is a pretty eclectic
affairat times, they even sound like an old funk-rock band.
Except for a misguided attempt at reggae stylings and a few
awkward lyrical passages, I rate Bloom Cheek a success.

Click here for "Training" and here for "I Suppose."

Too Late for Roses, Debut, Launchpad [6/1/10]

This Cali trio serves up modern rock with a heavy back beat. If anything, the rhythm section, Wyatt Lund (drums) and Jordan Martin (bass), is the best thing about Too Late for Roses.

Kark von Kries has a full-throated style, but he evokes too many other arena-rock guys, from Bono to Scott Stapp (he also handles flute and percussion). If the band is angling for a major label deal, that could be to their advantage, but I prefer more distinction.

Debut, however, offers a few surprises, like the ambient "Winter Tide," which features lapping waves and seagull criesand clocks in at 19 minutesand the experimental "Soundtrack from 'Masks'." But I still like the rock stuff best, semi-generic vocals and all.

Endnote: For more information about What
Laura Says
, please click here or here; for Too
Late for Roses
, here. Image from Planetary Group.

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