Monday, March 01, 2010

March Reviews

These are the reviews and other pieces I'm working on this month.

Amazon DVDs: Scarecrow and Mrs. King - The Complete First Season (with Kate
Jackson and Bruce
Boxleitner) [five-disc
Breaking Bad -
The Complete Second Season
[four-disc set]
(click here for my re-
view of season one),
and 44 Inch Chest (with Ray Winstone and John Hurt).

Amazon Theatricals: Alice in Wonderland (with John-
ny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter), The Runaways (with
Kristen Stewart
and Dakota Fanning), Remember Me
(with Emilie de Ravin and
Stewart's Twilight co-star, Rob-
ert Pattinson
, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (from the book by
Jeff Kinney), and Please Give (with Catherine Keener).

Still playing: Crazy Heart, The Ghost Writer, The Imaginarium
of Doctor Parnassus
, Invictus, A Prophet, and Youth in Revolt.

SIFF: Three blurbs for the 2010 program guide (more to
come). This marks my eighth year working on the guide.

Siffblog: Still Bill (review delayed till DVD release).

Still playing:
For the Love
of Movies - The Story of Am-
erican Film Criticism
The Red Riding Trilogy.

Video Librarian:
Brain Injury Dialogues, The Duke
of Bachata
, The Glass House,
, Heart of Stone, At Home in Utopia, My White Baby, Spice
and Wolf - The Complete First Season
[two-disc set], Maria Hol-
ic - Complete Collection
[two-disc set], North Face, Mommo,
Bad Company - Hard Rock Live
, Oscar Peterson - The Life
of a Legend
, The Missing Person,
Afghan Star, Bar-
bie in a Mermaid Tale
Free Willy - Escape from
Pirate's Cov
e, iCarly - iFight Shelby
, and Hachi - A Dog's Tale.

Endnote: Michael Shannon, star of The Missing Person,
plays Kim Fowley in The Runaways. Image from Apparition.

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