Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One Good Turn
Deserves Another

Before Dunedin's the Chills (1980-), there was Auckland's Split Enz (1972-1985).

Perhaps I should have said,
in my previous post, that New Zealand neophytes should begin with them. I still think the former's "Pink Frost" is as fine a place to start as any, but the
'Enz released a number of great new wave numbers, like "I Got
"Message to My Girl," and "Six Months in a Leaky Boat."

On the track below, possibly my favorite, Neil Finn [second from left] sings lead, instead of brother Tim [center], and anticipates
his more radio-ready work with Crowded House (1985-1996).

Split Enz - One Step Ahead (1981)

Endnote: A few YouTube users have noted that this video,
and other versions posted to the site, seems sped up. They're right. Not sure what's up with that, but Neil's voice isn't as high
on record. Still, it sounds good to me. Image from the AMG.


Strider said...

The Enz were not bad, but I think Crowded House were better,and Bic Runga is the best of your Kiwi musicians.

Oh, and how can I forget Dave Dobyns?

kathy fennessy said...

Thanks for your comment. My favorite NZ artists include the Chills, Split Enz, the Clean, the Tall Dwarfs, the Verlaines, the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, and Garageland. David Kilgour and Chris Knox have also released some fine solo material. After the first album, Crowded House got too slick for my tastes.