Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Showers...
Make Seattle Damp

Here are the reviews I'm
working on for this month.

Amazon: Remington Steele - The Complete Third Season [four-disc set] (my second Steele review), Forty Shades of Blue (Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner with Rip Torn), The Syrian Bride (with Hiam Abbass of Satin Rouge), Full House - The Com-
plete Third Season
[four-disc set] (yes, I also reviewed
season one), Dr. Dolittle 3, Green Street Hooligans, My Family and Other Animals, Mates of State - Bring It Back, Gomez - How We Operate (loved their last CD, which I reviewed for Tablet),
Jewel - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland (my Mom's met her Mom--
hey, it's an Alaska thing),
Sonya Kitchell - Words Came Back to Me, One Last Thing (with Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon), and
Austin City Limits - 2005 Music Festival [two-disc set].

Resonance: The Old
Haunts - Fuel on Fire.
I previously review-
ed the fine sophomore
outing from this Olym-
pia threesome

Seattle Sound: Laguna! - Outside Casa (second CD from this local trio) and Juana Molina -
(fantastic fourth release from this Argentinean superhero:
singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and popul-
ar comedienne). These reviews were cut from the May issue,
but they'll appear in June when
Seattle Sound goes monthly.

Siffblog: Phantom India Louis Malle's French doc series from
Protocols of Zion (controversial doc from Slam's Marc
Innocence (acclaimed first feature from Lucile Hadziha-
lilovic, Gaspar Noé's former editor),
Mouchette, Woman Is the Future of Man (from South Korea's Hong Sangsoo), and The Intruder, the latest masterwork of mystification from Claire Denis.
Incidentally, while watching Paris, Texas recently, I was reminded
that Denis and her trusty cinematographer, Agnès Godard--along
with Allison Anders--served as assistants on that famous film.

Endnote: My 50th post! The Intruder images

from Senses of Cinema and The Village Voice.

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