Sunday, February 08, 2015

February Reviews

Ariel Pink, née Ariel Rosenberg.
These are 
 the reviews  
and other  
pieces I'm  
working on  
this month.

The Stranger Film Op-
enings: The Duke of Burgun-
: Let's Play 
Master and Servant, Monk with a Camera: A Documentary Had
to Be [Made] About a White Man Who Gives Up His Riches for a Spiritual Life
, Hard to Be a God: A Science-Fiction Film Set in the Middle Ages, A Fuller Life: The Life of Filmmaker Sam Fuller, and Song of the Sea: Rock Fairies, Owl Witches, Celtic Mythology.

Slog/Film Opening count: 588 posts/reviews since 2011. 

The Stranger Up & Comings: Ariel Pink and Jack Name,
Jessica Lea Mayfield, Howlin Rain and the Blank Tapes,
and Michael Rault, Globelamp, and Guests

Video Librarian: Come Worry With Us!, Hitmakers - Changing
Face of the Music Business, Whole Gritty City, Girlhood, Traitors.

Endnote: Ariel Pink image from Pretty Much Amazing.  

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