Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Reviews

These are
 the reviews 
and other
 pieces I'm 
working on 
this month.

Amazon DVDs: Leverage - The 4th Season [4-disc set].

Amazon Theatricals: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paron-
naud's Chicken with Plums (with Mathieu Amalric), Liberal Arts (with Elizabeth Olsen), and P.T. Anderson's The Master (with Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams).  

Still playing (or yet to open): For a Good Time, Call..., Hello I Must
Be Going
, The Hunger Games, Old Goats, Sparkle, and The Words.  

Line Out: Apocalypse - A Bill Callahan Tour Film, Norwood Fisher at the NWFF, Inside Melody's Echo Chamber, Switched on by Chrome Canyon, Redd Kross at Chop Suey, Laetitia Sadier - "The Rule of the Game," Striking Sparks with Ben Chasny, Sing Along with the Fall, Teen Daze Teams Up with Frankie Rose, Get Physical with Moon Duo and King Khan, Fac. Dance 02: Global Groove Machine, Cat Power's Triumphant Sun, METZ: More Noise Please, The Best Tom Waits Song...This Week, Terra Treasures from Levek, The Raveonettes and Melody's Echo Chamber, Dem-
dike Stare and Director Jean Rollin
, Bad Books - "Forest Whitak-
er," Drag City's Crazy Commercials, Julianna Barwick and Maria Minerva (at the Triple Door), and Niobe's Cclose Calll.

Video Librarian: Mike and Molly - The Complete Second Season [three-disc set], Autumn de Forest, The Boxing Girls of Kabul, A Drummer's Dream, How to Make a Book with Steidl, The Klez-
matics - On Holy Ground
, Master Qi and the Monkey King, Our Summer in Tehran, Reflections on Media Ethics, The Witches of Gambaga, Staind - Live from Mohegan Sun [Blu-ray], and Sparkle.

Endnote: Bill Callahan image from his Apocalypse Kickstarter.

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