Saturday, July 12, 2008

of Play

Every few
I check
to see
my re-
(and oth-
er pieces)
are ending up. Here are some of the more interesting results.

Amazon review of Born Into Brothels

Bohemian Aesthetic:
Amazon review of Sara Bareilles - Little Voice

Amazon review of David Ford - I Sincerely
Apologize for All the Trouble I've Caused

[I also reviewed his new disc for KEXP; it's pretty similar.]

Out and About Vancouver:
Amazon review of No Country for Old Men

Running Rooster:
Amazon review of H.R. Pufnstuf

Salt Lake Public Library:
Amazon review of State of Play

[Soon to be a major mo-
tion picture...that will not
surpass the miniseries.]

Seattle Film and Music Office:
Kathy Fennessy at Siffblog recently had the opportunity to visit the set of Lynn Shelton's new feature Humpday, which stars Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project) and Mark Duplass (co-director of Baghead) in a story of "male bonding taken too far."

Stupid and Contagious:
Amazon review of the Kills - No Wow

Style Wars:
Amazon review of Style Wars

Sylvia Juncosa:
AMG review of Various Artists - Away from the Pulsebeat

Endnote: GreenCine Daily linked to my pieces on Funny Games,
David Gordon Green, and Hal Ashby, while Prost Amerika cross-
posted my reviews of La Chinoise, Shotgun Stories, and The
Saga of Anatahan and my Sound interview with Alexis Ferris.

The NWFF also linked to my Ashby tribute, my Humpday
, and my Shotgun Stories review. Also, click here
for a photo from a NWFF panel ("Critics Critiqued") in
which Jay Kuehner, Charles Mudede, and I participated.

Images from The Medium Is Not Enough (John Simm,
State of Play) and Digital Entertainment News (Simm
as the reporter; David Morrissey as the politician).

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