Monday, October 01, 2007

Top of the World, Ma!

Every few months, I check Google to see where my reviews (and other pieces) are ending up. Here are some of the more interesting results.

Bit Torrent:
AMG review of Little Wings – Look at What the Light Did

Blog for America:
Amazon review of Hacking Democracy

AMG bio of Keren Ann

Doors Left Open:
Amazon review of the Decemberists - The Crane Wife

The Official John Densmore Forum:
Amazon review of Ciao, Manhattan!
AMG bio of Keren Ann
This bio is getting a lot of play (see previous search results).

Music Eldorado:
AMG review of OP8 - Slush

Seven Generational
Amazon review of Crude Awakening

TV Shows on DVD:
Amazon review of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman – Volume 1
So, where's Volume 2 already?

WLS, 890AM - Chicago's Talk Station:
Amazon review of Broken English

And lastly:

All Music Guide to the Blues, Country, and Hip-hop:
I'm listed as a contributor to all three books.
That was news to me (I wrote for the AMG between 2001-2003).

Endnote: Hot Splice, the NWFF Blog, has linked to my reviews before. In a recent post, publicist extraordinaire Ryan Davis introduces You're Gonna Miss Me with, "There’s also this knowledgeable, with less crazy-rock-star-rise-and-fall hang up, response to the film at SIFFblog—published last week, but I’m just getting around to linking to it now." I get another shout-out here. Also, The Seattle Weekly's Hannah Levin calls me a "kick-ass blogger" in this entry (and speaking of Miranda July, I defend
her in this Slog comment). Pictures from Google Images.

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