Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September Song

These are the reviews
and other assignments
I'm working on this month.

Amazon DVDs: My Name
Is Earl - Season 2
[four-disc set]
(click here for my review of season
one), Boston Legal - Season Three [seven-disc set], Upright Citizen's Brigade - The Complete Second Season [two-disc set], and A
Few Days in September
(John Turturro stalks Juliette Binoche).

Amazon Theatricals: Dedication (Justin Theroux
directs Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore), The Hottest
(Ethan Hawke adapts his novel), The Hunting Party
(Richard Gere and Terrence Howard), and Fierce People
(Griffin Dunne directs Donald Sutherland and Diane Lane).

[September is turning out to be a busy month for actor/directors.]

Resonance Books: Pascal Blanchet - White Rapids.

Siffblog: Mala Noche (Gus Van Sant's debut), My Brother's Wedding (Charles Burnett's follow-up to Killer of Sheep),
Hannah Takes the Stairs (Joe Swanberg's follow-up to
LOL), and an updated version of Mutual Appreciation.

Endnote: Several artists have released albums
under the title September Song, including Chet
Baker and Jimmy Durante. Image from Unfinished.


Aaron Hillis said...

Hey, Kathy. That's awesome that you're covering Joe Swanberg's HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS, and I just wanted to let you know that Benten Films (the first DVD label run by film critics, of which I'm VP of) just released Swanberg's LOL on DVD on August 28th -- please check it out, our release has been getting great feedback!

And sorry you have to cover both DEDICATION and THE HOTTEST STATE... I threw rotten tomatoes at both of them in the pages of the Village Voice a couple weeks back. Terrible!

kathy fennessy said...

Hey Aaron, thanks for the comment. I'm looking forward to "Hannah." It's full-on "Mumblecore" at the Northwest Film Forum, starting tomorrow with "Dance Party USA" and "Quiet City." I hate the term, dig the films.

On the off-chance you'd like to send me a copy of "LOL," I'd be happy to review it...