Sunday, December 03, 2006

Who's Zoomin' Who

Every few months, I search Google to see where my reviews are ending up.
Here are some of the more interesting results.


Award Annals:
Amazon review of Underground
AMG bio of Keren Ann

Calls to Nothing:
Amazon review of Aimee Mann - One More Drifter in the Snow

The Conscious Movie Network:
Amazon review of Who Killed the Electric Car?

Siffblog reviews of Tales of the Rat Fink, the Northwest Film Forum's Peter Whitehead retrospective, The Bridesmaid,
Mutual Appreciation, and a profile of Robinson Devor.


"Mutual Appreciation is the indie rock version of the feature film," writes Kathy Fennessy, who even reaches for the perfect analogy at the Siffblog.

"Forget Mr Ed, forget Equus. Seattle director Robinson Devor's upcoming documentary concerns what has become known locally as the Enumclaw Horse Case. Scheduled for release by THINKfilm sometime in 2007, Zoo (formerly In the Forest There is Every Kind of Bird) draws inspiration from the poor unfortunate - part of a tight-knit ring - who died in 2005 from injuries sustained after engaging in carnal relations with said creature." And now, it'll be screening at Sundance. Kathy Fennessy: "The Cinema of Robinson Devor: From Girl Watchers to Horse Fanciers."


Le Bonheur:
Amazon review of
The Magic Sun

The Oscar Site:
Amazon review of
Dirty Dancing

The Things I Want:
Amazon review of Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer

Tom Waits for No Man:
Amazon review of The Outsiders - The Complete Novel

Veterans Today:
Amazon review of Baghdad ER

Note: Images of David Hockney and Peter Whitehead from the Northwest Film Forum. Funny Ha Ha is Andrew Bujalski's first feature. Completed in 2001, it wasn't released until 2005. His follow-up, Mutual Appreciation, opens at the NWFF on 12/8. Bujalski will be at the Friday and Saturday screenings.

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