Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five Random Observations
...or Five Signs of the Apocalypse?
You decide.

Either everything I like
is going mainstream
or the world just got a
whole lot cooler.


1. The first thing I heard when I walked into Anthropologie
last weekend? "Bat Macumba" by Os Mutantes [above left].

2. Then, while strolling past Barneys New York,
I spotted a [Serge] Gainsbourg T-shirt in the window.

3. Five minutes into Miami Vice, the Felix da Housecat "Heavenly House" mix of "Sinnerman" hits the screen. Sure, David R. Ellis (2004's Cellular) beat Michael Mann to it, but it's still Nina Simone. (Then he has to ruin the effect with those godawful Audioslave tracks.)

4. Belle and Sebastian, the New Pornographers, and Cat Power
are now part of the in-house soundtrack at Nordstrom.

5. A model is reading Camille Paglia's Break, Blow, Burn
in the latest Anthropologie catalog.

Endnote: Yes, I mentioned Anthropologie twice. What can I say? I love that store. Number five, incidentally, isn't meant as an endorsement of Paglia. I haven't read any of her books, just her articles--especially those concerning Madonna. I also recently caught Ellen Forney's live version of "My Date With Camille Paglia," which both reads/plays a bit like Waiting for Godot. But funnier. As for that Gainsbourg T-shirt, I had to have it, so went in search of my size. Barneys was out, so they ordered one from another branch... Images from Light in the Attic and Wikipedia.

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