Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Reviews
for a New Year

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on this month.

Amazon: How to Lose Your
[okay indie with Paul
Schneider, Poppy Montgomery, and Fred Willard], Love, Ludlow (better indie with David Eigenberg, Alicia Goranson, and Bren-
dan Sexton III), The Thing About My Folks (lackluster indie
with Paul Reiser, Peter Falk, and Olympia Dukakis), SNL - The Best
of Alec Baldwin
, John Ford Goes to War (Kris Kristofferson-nar-
rated documentary), The Mill on the Floss (1979 BBC miniseries),
and Lie with Me (arty soft-core starring Eric "The O.C." Balfour).

Resonance: Wrote a review of local band Hypatia Lake's "...And We Shall Call Him Joseph." I have three reviews in the new issue: Animal Collective - Feels, New England Roses - Face Time with Son, and the Skygreen Leopards - Jehovah Surrender EP.

Siffblog: The Weeping Meadow (Theo An-
gelopoulos) and A Good Woman (Mike Barker).

Endnote: All hail busy character actor David Eigen-
! In the real world, I suspect the 41-year-old actor,
with his twinkling blue eyes, would be considered a catch.
(Granted, his voice is a little odd, but you get used to it.)

In the worlds of Hollywood and Broadway, where he plies
his trade, however, Eigenberg usually plays underdogs.
Sometimes he triumphs over adversity, sometimes not.

In Sex and the City, he gets the girl, Cynthia Nix-
on's Amanda, but loses a testicle to cancer. Then he
loses the girl, but not before fathering Amanda's child.

In the first season of The 4400, he's one of several alien
abductees who suddenly, mysteriously returns to Earth.
A 98-pound weakling prior to his abduction, he finds he
has developed super-strength, so he becomes a vigilan-
te--and pays the price. Along the way, he becomes both
a hero and an inspiration to his inner city neighborhood.

In a recent episode of CSI, he plays an otherwise sane gent who
he was abducted by aliens. The truth is more depressing-
ly prosaic. And in Love, Ludlow, he plays what may be his most
"normal" character yet, a lonely guy in love with a feisty young
woman joined at the hip to her emotionally disturbed brother.
As is often the case, Eigenberg turns out to have hitherto unde-
tected reserves of strength and won't give up without a fight.

Eigenberg has also made notable appearances in Homicide,
The Beat (from the makers of Homicide), and Take Me Out.
According to the IMDb, he's a former high school athlete, ex-
Marine, and volunteer firefighter. Sometimes looks really can
be deceiving! Image from the David Eigenberg Worship Page.

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