Thursday, December 01, 2005

Search Me!

It's funny, but I've always hated that phrase: "Search me!" Maybe it's because I'm just too literal-minded—no doubt about it, actually, I know I am. So what would you find if you were to really search me? Well, I'll tell you.

Aside from the usual stuff (keys, checks, change, etc.), you'd find a tube of M.A.C. lipgloss in "Nico" (a nice iridescent mauve), a sample-sized vial of Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Jasmine cologne, and a tin of Altoids gum in (artificially flavored) cinnamon. And what does this tell you about me?
Not much, I'm afraid, and that's what I've always hated most
about the expression, i.e. Search me...and you won't find anything of consequence. (I'd like to think otherwise!)

So anyway, every few months I take a trip over to Google to see where my reviews are ending up. This month when I searched using my full name, I got 42,600 hits (when I searched using Kathy Fennessy, I got 16,900; I may go by Kathy, but rarely
write using that name). As I've mentioned before, the vast majority are duplicate entries, although I have written hundreds of reviews over the past few years (but definitely not thousands).

Not counting purely commercial sites, here are some of
the more interesting ones I came across this time around. Incidentally, they're all Amazon reviews. I swear I do write for other publications on occasion—just not as often as I'd like.
Amazon review of Who's the Boss

Clown Ministry:
Amazon review of The Incredible Mr. Limpet

Amazon review of Pete and Pete - Season One

Amazon reviews of the Slits - Cut and Spoon - Gimme Fiction

Mischa Barton News:
Amazon review of Frankie and Hazel

Movie Tome:
Amazon review of Something the Lord Made

[I find sister site, TV Tome, particularly helpful for research.]

National Society of Film Critics:
Amazon reviews of Happy Endings and Crónicas

[Ah, but I wish I qualified for membership!
There are only 55 writers in the NSFC.]

Poe News:
Amazon reviews of the third and
fourth seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm
Amazon reviews of Rebel Music - The Bob Marley Story
and Roots Rock Reggae - Inside the Jamaican Music Scene

[At Amazon, I'm the designated hitter when it comes to reggae DVD reviews—and I'm all for it! This month, I reviewed Bob Marley and the Wailers - Live at the Rainbow, which is packaged with the Marley estate-approved documentary Caribbean Nights. As with the Slits, I just can't get enough of Robert Nesta Marley. That said, Rebel Music is the more honest film as it deals head-on with Marley's infidelities and other issues that the BBC doc elides.]

Wing Chun Archives:
Amazon reviews of House, M.D. and Veronica Mars

[This appears to be some kind of martial arts site.]

Note: Picture of the Slits from the AMG.

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